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Charlie and Nettie Williams Home

Charles J. Fisher / Highland Park Heritage Trust 

Charlie and Nettie Williams Home, Highland Park, Aug 17, 1991 (photo by Charles J. Fisher)

Charlie and Nettie Williams Home, Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument #556

Declared April 21, 1992

The original Highland Park house was built in 1892 and modified with the arched porch in 1902 after Mrs. Williams saw two new homes being built on the street using a similar porch design. The rear house was built for Williams in 1905 and utilizes a board 'n batten construction and is designed in a style that was popular in rural America during the mid-nineteeth century. The interior walls of the rear house use no plaster and consist entirely of tongue-and-groove wood. They are an example of the simple homes that were built in Los Angeles during a period of rapid growth. In 1988, this property was threatened by an apartment development.


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