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Mary E. Stilson Residence

Applicant: Charles J. Fisher, Owner's Representative

Mary E. Stilson Residence, Angeleno Heights, Oct 25, 2004 (photo by Charles J. Fisher)

Mary E. Stilson Residence, Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument #824

Declared May 4, 2005

Designed by Authur B. Benton, the Mary E. Stilson Residence was built in 1906 for the widow of William Stilson, one of the original subdividers of Angeleno Heights. Benton had designed a number of spec houses for Mrs. Stilson and her son Fielding, for whom Benton designed a house next door. Mary Stilson Residence is a prime example of the Craftsman style and retains much of its original detailing in spite of having been converted to four units during the 1930's.


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