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Applicant: Charles J. Fisher, Owner's Representative  

Clarence G. Badger Residence, Eastern facade, 7128 Woodrow Wilson Drive (Charles J. Fisher photo)

Clarence G. Badger Residence, Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument #932

Declared July 29, 2008

This large Spanish Colonial Revival hillside residence was the home of movie director Clarence G. Badger from its construction in 1916 until 1935. Badger directed approximately 80 movies between 1915 and 1941, at which time he moved to Sydney, Australia, where he directed his last several films. Badger is also credited with writing about 45 screen plays during the same period with directing films starring Will Rogers, Gloria Swanson, Madge Kennedy, Molly Malone, Babe Daniels, Antonio Moreno (who played opposite Badger's discovery. Clara Bow, in “It” – 1927), William Powell, Josephine Dunn, Jason Robards, Sr., Zasu Pitts and Hedda Hopper, The residence is one of the earliest built in the area today known as the Hollywood Hills. Although the large Spanish Colonial Revival house was most likely architect designed, no record of the original construction has been found as of the present time.  

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