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Castle Crag

Applicant: Charles J. Fisher, Owner's Representative  

Castle Crag, 5027 El Verano Avenue, Eagle Rock, January 2008 (Charles J. Fisher photo)

Castle Crag, Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument #931

Declared July 29, 2008

This residence is a 2 ½ story Queen Anne with a large turret at the front of the hillside structure. Built in 1888, Castle Crags is one of the few remaining early Pioneer residence structures built during the 1880s Southern California Land Boom. The structure dates back to the early agrarian period of the Eagle Rock Valley, where it was at the center of a ten-acre lot in “Watt's Subdivision”, which was the earliest tract to be carved out of that portion of the Rancho San Rafael in what is now the Western half of the community of Eagle Rock and a portion of the Eastern part of the City of Glendale. The house was built for Howard M. Sale in 1888.. The land was resubdivided in 1906 by then owner E. S. Ellis, into the Eagle Rock Villa Tract No. 1. In 1910, it was sold to local realtor Charles W. Young and his wife Emma. A undated newspaper article of their early owner ship is the first reference to the name “Castle Crags”. After Charles death in 1932, Emma E. Young was to remain in the house until 1957. She was one of the early historians of Eagle Rock and a principal founder of the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society.  


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