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Garvanza Pumping Station and Site of Highland Reservoir

Applicant: Charles J. Fisher / Highland Park Heritage Trust 

Garvanza Pumping Station & Site of Highland Reservoir, 420 N Ave 62, Dec 26, 1988 (photo by Charles J. Fisher)

Garvanza Pumping Station and Site of Highland Reservoir

Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument #412, 

Declared January 20, 1989

The Highland Reservoir was constructed before 1886, and is the oldest water storage site still serving Los Angeles. It had a capacity of 20.5 million gallons of water spread over 4.5 acres, and was covered with a multi-gabled roof to prevent evaporation (yes, the entire reservoir was covered by a wooden roof). The reservoir has been replaced with a tank, the roof design simulating the original. The reservoir site today serves as a Little League park, a skateboarding park (the Garvanza Skate Park - 2005) and park land. The Mission Revival pumping station, built in 1907, is still in use by the Department of Water and Power. 



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