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Hodel Residence

Applicant: Charles J. Fisher

Hodel Residence, 6512 Monterey Rd., Hermon, October 2004 (Charles J. Fisher photo)

Hodel Residence, Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument #802

Declared June 1, 2005

This Vernacular Russian-Swiss Chalet is a special commission for prominent russian archictect Alexander Zelenko, who was also known for his pioneering work in education. Though a respected architect and artist in his homeland, almost all of Zelenko's Russian architecture has been lost to the ruthless hand of ignorance and the devastations of war. One survivor is his whimsical 1907 ‘Settlement' School in Moscow. The chimney of the Hodel House is reminiscent of the design of that building. One of his lost Russian buildings was the “delightfully crazy” Pfeffer wooden dacha in North Moscow, where stair balusters were made of natural tree branches, a feature found in the delicate supporting structure of shelves in the Hodel Tea House.


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