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Click on the pictures below to see some of Charlie's successful nominations.

Click here for a complete list of Charlie's successful monument nominations and properties currently under consideration by or submitted to Cultural Heritage Commission.

Arroyo Seco Bridge

J.E. Maxwell Residence & Reverend Williel Thompson Residence

Montecito View House
Dr. Franklin S Whaley Residence Tustin House Murdock Residence
Garvanza Pumping Station and Site of Highland Reservoir Piper House Charles H. Greenshaw Residence
Arthur B. Benton Residence Marshall Flats Mary E. Stilson Residence
Site of Walt Disney Studios Franklin T. Briles Residence El Encanto
J.A. Howsley House Jacobson Duplex Ernest J. Borgmeyer House
Birtcher-Share House Minster House Scholfield House
Charlie and Nettie Williams Home Gilmore Gasoline Filling Station Wolford House
G.W.E Griffith House George W. Wilson Estate Wachtel Studio
Paul Landacre Cabin Amsalem A. Ernst House Weatherwolde Castle
Purviance Residence Nickel-Leong Mansion One Hundred North Sycamore
Orchard Gables Cottage Hodel Residence and Tea House Castle Crag
Clarence G. Badger Residence The Black Cat Heerman Estate
Hermon Car Wall Bank of America, Echo Park Branch Original Echo Park Clubhouse
James F. Real Studio-Office Kaye Residence Petitfils Residence
Edward A. ''Tink'' Adams House Kennedy-Solow House Bigford Residence
Sturdevant Bungalow Chateau Alpine Oliver Flats
Mc Nary House Waite Residence Castera Residence
Monroe Cottage Haven of Rest Charles C. Chapman Building
Blackburn Residence Rossetti Residence Cline Residence and Museum
Statton Residence Monsignor O'Brien Residence San Marino Villas
Raphael Junction Block Building Wilkins House Arwyn Manor
Clinton Residence Clinton Residence Marsh Duplex
Clifford E. Clinton Residence Garden of Oz Marsh Duplex

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