Murdock Residence

Charles J. Fisher / Highland Park Heritage Trust 

Murdock Residence, 4219 N. Figueroa Street, 2004 (photo by Charles J. Fisher)

Murdock Residence

Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument #778, 

Declared June 29, 2004

This Mission Revival home was built for Sophia K. Murdock, a widow, in 1903, and designed by architect George Voelkel, who was a native of Germany and spent the early part of his career working in San Francisco. The house is unusual as it is built on a Four Square plan with the Mission design being placed over that plan. The home was converted to a cafe known as The Mudpuppy Coffee House in 2004, which closed in 2005. It was listed prior as a contributor to the Highland Park Historic Preservation Overlay Zone. The monument application was submitted in order to facilitate a waiver on the parking requirement for the change of use.