Applicant: Charles J. Fisher, Owner's Representative  


Wilkins House, 915 N Avenue 57, May 15, 2006, (Charles J. Fisher photo)

Wilkins House, Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument #877

Declared July 3, 2007

This house is a fine example of the Craftsman style that began with the Southern California Arts & Crafts movement that flourished during the first part of the 20th Century. It is intact and has no alterations that detract from its original design. The Wilkins House features a cross-gable design that is taken from an earlier Folk House design, known as the “Hall and Parlor House" that universally utilizes the two major character-defining features that are found in later side-gabled Craftsman designs: the side gable and the expansive front porch. The Wilkins House has not had its character defining features altered. Both the major and minor features are retained throughout the structure. As such, the Wilkins House displays a rare textbook purity of design that makes it an excellent example of the Side-Gabled Craftsman.


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